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Noorulla Shaik

Master Chef

Hi, I am Noorulla shaik born and raised in Ambur. Ambur is a town famous for biryani and sweet delicacy passed on by recipes from the royal house of Arcot. Over the years, this region has carved its own niche which is famous Biryani.

My brother insisted me to save my recipes in a blog and thus my journey as a food blogger journey starts now. Hope you try my recipes and like them. Please do let me know your thoughts and I always welcome your feedback..

Best Biryani catering presents authentic fresh Home-made Biryani that speak of our 'no compromise policy' on quality for companies, wedding, functions and parties. We deliver all over Chennai.


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There's a reason why best biryani is most hygienic. The biryani is cooked untouched and delivered to you in the same Aluminums Tope it was cooked in !
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